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About Sakura Massage Studio

Hello, gentlemen! Hajimemashite, dozoyoroshiku!

Welcome to the superior body work studio-----SAKURA MASSAGE STUDIO! 
You will enjoy your life after accepting our thorough massage therapy.
My name is Michiko, and I am a young girl from Japan
. And I found Canada is also beautiful as Japan!!!

Did you know that Shiatsu is an Oriental Massage in created by a Japanese Master?

I am  experienced at Oriental Massage for years,  and offer superior comfortable Japan Shiatsu plus deep tissue, and the combination of  Western and Oriental Style is an effective therapy to cure your back pain and waist pain if  you sitting much time in the office or driving long time on the road.

You can choose with massage oil or not.  And I will apply different massage skill depend on your body status and your detailed requirement.

I can treat your feet more time if you like hiking or jogging. Or treat your head, back and legs if you spend lots of time in the flight.

People work so hard no matter they are work in the office as a white collar or work in the shop or outdoors as a blue collar, and they really need physical therapy to relax or relieve their body.
call 604 565 8771 Michiko  for more details and book appointment

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